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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Amazing Bartender

The video above shows Alexander Shtifanov from Ukraine competing on Ukraines Got Talent. Im not often impressed by bar tending skills but this guy is amazing

Really cool body tricks

Facebook launches an instagram copy?

The app, which is called Camera, is available on the iPhone for free and has been created in a bid to enhance the Facebook photos mobile experience.

However, it has been compared to Instagram, the photo app Facebook paid $1bn for at the start of April.

So why the heck did facebook blow $1bn on if they are just going to release their own version?

Apple rejects $75m payout

Apple's boss Tim Cook has turned down a payout worth about $75m (£48m).

The technology giant will pay a quarterly dividend of $2.65 per share from July, the first time Apple has declared a dividend since 1995.

But a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that Mr Cook will not take up his dividends.

A newspaper recently said that Mr Cook was the best-paid boss in the US with an income of more than $300m.

"At Mr Cook's request, none of his restricted stock units will participate in dividend equivalents," the filing said. It did not say why.