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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Apple To Charge $199 For New MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

Yup you guessed it another Apple post. It seems not much is going on in the world of technology right now (except leaked documents of the Xbox 720 which hasn't been confirmed to be real yet!). Anyway back to topic, the new Macbook Pro with the Retina display will cost customers $199 to replace the battery. Up by $70 in comparison to the previous MacBooks. Despite the rise in price though the battery still offers the same 7 hours battery life. However if you are under Apple care it wont cost you on the plus side, but it will cost  $349.00 for 3 years cover.

Typical Apple Marketing ;__;


  1. Pfft another way for thembto suck us dry

  2. $200 for a new battery??? Thats sick.

  3. oh, my, will they lend us the money first?