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Thursday, 7 June 2012

IE10 To Now Track Users Due Outrage From Advertisers

Despite only a few days ago claiming to not track users by default Internet Explorer 10 has apparently gone back on what it's said. The change comes from pressure from advertising companies. Claiming to have "Do Not Track" on by default, won’t be compliant with the official spec. Which means that tech and ad companies who say they comply with Do Not Track could simply ignore the flag set by IE 10 and track those who use that browser. Which means Microsoft has no choice but to change the setting. So i guess i'll be sticking with Chrome.


  1. yep, I don't use IE and here in Europe most people using it are considered weird :))))

  2. I'll certainly be sticking with Chrome after reading this although I probably wouldn't have changed regardless, thanks for sharing this man.

  3. Well this is what I get for thinking Microsoft did something decent.

  4. Hmmm.. I can sympathize somewhat. You don't want to tick off the advertisers...that's what brings in the $$$$. Black is beautiful, but green is nescessary.

  5. can't this company just go bankrupt already?!1