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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Firefox 13 released

"If you love Firefox and want to get your hands on Firefox 13, you can now do so by using the link below. The latest version of Firefox includes two new notable updates to the Home and new Tab pages. The official release of Firefox 13 will happen on June 5 but as typical with Mozilla, they have placed the final release on its servers a bit early.

The biggest change for this release is the Home page which you can get to by typing home in the address bar. The interface allows the user to customize their experience with bookmarks, downloads, history, sync, and even the option to restore your previous session. Users will be provided with an OOBE to setup this page when they first launch Firefox 13.

Among other small tweaks is a new Tabs page that appears to take inspiration from Chrome and Opera by providing thubmnails of the sites you have previously viewed and there is also a 'Tabs on demand' which aims to speed up your browsing experience."

Download Firefox 13


  1. But... Is it as fast as Chrome?

  2. Sounds pretty nifty, but I wish they'd stop taking ideas from Chrome. As happy as I am to see the tabs visited. I downloaded an extension to do that for me on Firefox. That's one thing I like about Safari, they do their thing.

  3. I love Chrome so much so I won't be using Firefox but thanks for sharing this regardless man, when Chrome fails me Firefox is always my back up so this good news!