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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The End Of Facebook Is Near !?

Analyst Eric Jackson has said he believes that Facebook will disappear by 2020. This is because it is struggling to make money from the mobile platform.  The analyst formed his opinion after looking at how different generations of web companies have emerged over time. Yahoo, he said, was part of the first generation, comprising giant web portals. With the arrival of the second generation — social web companies that include Facebook — Yahoo and its counterparts faded. The third generation, says Jackson, is made up of businesses intent on monetizing the mobile platform, an area in which Facebook is seen to be having a hard time. 

I highly doubt we will be seeing the end of Facebook in the near future. This analysis is implying we all leave our PCs behind and solely use a mobile platform to do our 'Facebooking'. Which is stupid.


  1. Interesting post man. Honestly I tend to believe that all online sites no matter how big have the potential to be fads that will fizzle out but Eric Jackson's mobile idea is certainly a dumb one in my eyes, it's just kind of illogical and a big leap, Facebook will be around to stay for a good while at least.

  2. Actually you'd be surprised how many people think that eventually computers will be replaced by smart phones. I agree it's stupid, but it does seem to be likely. If that means the end of Facebook though, I don't know.

  3. While smart phones are definitely on the rise and people use them to browse, there is no way I'm paying those ridiculous data fees for limited internet and I'm not gonna pay an internet provider for the purpose of using wifi on my phone; that's idiotic.

    Besides, my computer has a larger screen and larger keyboard.

    I doubt facebook will end. I use my phone for my facebook updates, messages, etc.

  4. we'll have social networks chips implanted into our brain by then :)

  5. Oh my god, actually good conversations on the internuggets? Where the hell was I when this post happened?!

    From what I'm seeing, the way things are going smart phones and netbooks really might be the way to go, until wetware becomes modernized and mass-produced. I mean, they've already got USB data storage devices that can be implanted in your joke. It works via bluetooth or some shit. :D Also costs an arm and a leg (or 500 grand, I forget...somethin' fiercely expensive though), so yeah.

    Anyway, it's all about the march of technology and what it can do. Apps seem to be the next big thing, so perhaps there's something to be said about the smart phones improving to the point where they CAN replace desktops and laptops.