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Friday, 8 June 2012

Facebook launches app centre

Due to the rise in people using mobile devices to access Facebook. It's had a big impact on Facebook's revenue. So they've decided to open their own app store to bring in the much needed revenue in the mobile market.

More than 600 apps - including games such as Electronic Arts' The Sims, utilities such as video app Socialcam and social sharing services like Pinterest - have made the initial cut. The service will first be available to the US, with other countries to follow.


  1. You know I had no idea Facebook had an app centre. I've never been able to find one on the site at least.

  2. This is good news for Facebook I suppose, it's a pretty smart idea.

  3. There's a what in the who in the where now? Why does Faecbawks need an app store? <_<

    I mean, don't you need an app just to go there on a smart phone? >_>

    Damn kids and their gidgets-gadgets...

  4. Pfft, as if they' re not rich enough already

  5. Much needed revenue? Pshh Facebook making more money, a good idea though I must say.

  6. i got the phone i did cause it was the cheapest and the best, only paid 75 bucks for a 600 dollar phone... all dem reward points. and i didnt get it to just browse facebook.

  7. Wow, an app store made by Facebook. Good idea to butt into the app center competition