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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

IPv6 Officially Live

IPv6 has officially been released with trillions of new internet addresses available. The reason for its release is to stop the internet running out of available addresses for new devices. Experts said users should not notice any difference in their web use.

Pv6 will eventually replace IPv4, which was conceived during the early days of the internet. It only allows just over four billion unique IP addresses. This has become a problem because Each internet-enabled device needs its own IP address in order to connect to the internet.However, due to the shortage of IP addresses, many devices - such as multiple computers in the one home - have to share addresses.


  1. This is seriously interesting news, it's amazing that trillions of new addresses will be available, trillions, it's just such an amazing number.

  2. With all the proxies and changing IP addresses I wondered how long it would be until we ran out of them. Good to hear that we can hold off a little longer.