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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Valve Hire In-House Video Games Economist

The famous game maker Valve has appointed an in-house economist to help manage the 'virtual economies' that have sprung up around its many titles.The company has signed up economics professor Yanis Varoufakis as their resident expert adviser.
Valve contacted Prof Mr Varoufakis as it started to think about linking game economies and hit virtual currency exchange problems.It comes as South Korea attempts to crack down on trading in video games.
To read about how he became appointed to Valve Click Here


  1. sounds like a smart move from their side

  2. That's a great idea, so many older game economies have been ruined which in turn ruined the game.

  3. Not a bad idea at all. Be interesting to see how it turns out

  4. It would be nice to have a game economy stay well. Having played WoW for so long, I know how broken economies can get, and how it can ruin everything.

  5. I'm not sure if I'm proud to say, but I too quite enjoy a bit of trading here and there in TF2. Now with DoTA2 as well, I need to offload them crates somewhere. Perhaps my first item purchase will fix that.

  6. so are these guys the metalocalypse of the gaming world?