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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Using Skype In Ethiopia Will Get You 15 Years In Prison

Yup you read correctly, a simple 30 second Skype call could end up with you being in prison for 15 years if you live in Ethiopia, thanks to a new legislation passed by the government. 

The new legislation will criminalize the use of all Voice Over IP (VoIP) services, such as Skype, Ventrilo ect from within the country, according to an Al Jazeera report. The legislation, which was voted into law last month with little notice from international media, seems to close a loophole that was allowing some of its citizens to communicate without being monitored by authorities.


  1. That's ridiculously idiotic. The law should be abolished and the government overthrown!

  2. What's even stupider is I wouldn't be surprised if other countries adopt this stance. I hope not, and I hope that something is done about this.

  3. yes, overthrow the government which steals most of the food and help sent there from the international community.

  4. Completely stupid, I guess its time for the Ethiopians to overthrow the government.

  5. Wow that's crazy...I feel bad for the people.

  6. as if they had no other problems